Hello everyone, this is a place between Darkness and Light, Pleasure and Pain, Art and Kink. Here you will find many fantasies and fetishes, learn something new, discover your True Kinky self and maybe even get the Honor of serving a Beautiful Domme. I am Rare Theodosia. Welcome to my World of Beauty, the Power play of Dominance and submission. Here I am Queen and Goddess, perhaps even your Muse. Kneel to me in Awe and I shall be Kind.ideas1Belongs to Mistress.

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On this site you will find Fetish Art, Erotic literature and many works, including sultry photos of my sissy boys who love to model for Mistress. Looking for something Unique and Real in the Fetish Lifestyle? Search no longer, Sexual intrigue and Class, Pure Dominance. I love a following.  I’m always looking for new inspiration so feel free to share your ideas, you can find my contact info below.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form. Keep all comments and questions respectful at all times. You may email me at raretheodosia369@gmail.com as well. Absolutely No one not over 18 years of age allowed on this site.