My Visitation*** Part 1.

I lie in bed thinking of Him, my Erotic fantasies once again coming to life and throbbing between my legs.  It wasn’t so long ago that he came to me, as a sliver of lightning, panting, beneath the darkness…was this all a dream?  I was between the worlds but in the shadows I slumbered and as I tossed and turned within, it was He who lifted the Veil, like a skirt, to the Realms, some Forbidden..of erotic sensuality, taboo and otherworldly flesh; leaving me craving more and more..every last inch of his body.                                                                                                    It started out as a dazed dream, golden flesh descending down, hovering over my scantily clad body in my lonely bed.  I couldn’t move at all nor look away, I did not want to.  We stared into each other’s eyes, He had me locked in place,  right where he wanted me. His piercing,  pale eyes of some unknown color, not of this earth, entranced me, searching for something, probing my very Soul.  It seemed forever that he held me transfixed as such, holding me with only his gaze, taking what Knowledge of me that he desired.  I noticed during my paralysis that His eyes seemed to change colors with his emotions,  of which I could only guess. One moment they appeared a golden, tawny brown, then hazel-type mixed with green and a gold ring around the middle and sometimes a very unearthly,  pale violet grey. Such an array of emotion in those eyes! I could clearly make out a few, some were alien to me but out of the ones which were familiar: inquisitive, serious, compassionate and..wanting.  I could see the desire in His beautiful, chiseled face. His skin more of an alabaster now and dark, wavy locks that shone like ebony. ” Are you an Angel? ” I thought to myself in my daze of  stunning confusion. “You came from the Darkness but brought the Light.”                                                                     It was clear that something within me sparked his intrigue and he began to hover closer untill his lips were so close to mine that I could feel his warm, sweet breath.  “Oh Please Kiss me!” I cried out inside my mind.  My nipples were erect, cold and hot sweat mingling, and what felt like a river between my thighs.  And when He did  I tried to close my eyes to take it all in but he must have sensed my excitement and did not allow it, He wished to watch my face as kissed.  At first sweet and slow, soft, his lips tasted like rose petals dipped in honey, then a bit more passionately.  I could feel my back struggling to arch and my hips trying to thrust upwards as our tongues began to dance and we exchanged hot, sultry breaths and panting.  Such a tease he was!  So cruel yet so kind..and then when I thought I could not take anymore of this he leans down ever so gently and whispers in my ear..”You are quite right, Ms. Dosia, I am not from this Realm and I have been watching you  for some time now and I have so much more in store for you, Let us see if you can handle it shall we..”802EE382-7DA6-4AB1-9C3C-6D6A72594054


Not The Date He Thought..

The moment my email showed that my dream girl had sent a response a smile came across my face. The adrenaline rush of not knowing how she responded took over me, and even though I wanted to read her response immediately, I took a couple deep breaths and decided to wait, as I did not want to seem overly aggressive. After a couple hours, I finally checked her response. She said she liked my profile and pictures and was hoping to meet for dinner sometime and gave me her number.

The nervousness and excitement of the moment made me have to take a second to gather myself before dialing. As soon as I heard her voice, the good kind of goosebumps spread throughout my entire body. She had one of those voices that sounded sexy and soft and supportive all at the same time. We set up a time and place for our first meeting. I offered to pick her up, but she wanted to meet at the restaurant instead, which did not bother me.


The night of the meeting I was still a bit nervous. After all, within a short period of time, I already knew that I liked her, and did not want to doing anything to mess this up. I made sure that my clothes were ironed, got a haircut, shaved, and bought some flowers.

When I got to the restaurant, she was already there and seated. As I walked closer to the table and our eyes met for the first time, it was as if all time stopped around us, and we were the only people in the world.

We hit it off immediately and the dinner flew by faster than I had hoped. I don’t think I was able to keep myself from getting lost in those hypnotizing green eyes. It was at this time that she told me her apartment was not too far from the restaurant and wondered if I would walk her home. Without a second of hesitation, I said “I’d love to”.

As we started to walk to her apartment, she grabbed for my hand. I turned towards her with a smile and noticed that she was smiling right back. We continued to talk all the way up the elevator and to her apartment door. She opened the door. I had been holding the flowers I had bought for her, and as I offered them to her she leaned in and we kissed deeply. Her lips were so soft and full, I was lost in ecstasy. And that’s when things get hazy…


Slowly, I opened my eyes and started to come to and tried to move. I couldn’t move an inch. My hands were bound over my head, and my ankles were shackled in a spreader bar and attached to hooks at the foot of the bed. I became very aware of how naked and helpless I was at this point. Then I remembered feeling an electric sensation as we kissed, she had tased me.

The door opened, and in walks the girl, wearing A latex bra, panties, and a sexy garder belt with stockings. I start to beg with her to let me go, only to be met with a hard smack across the face, that stuns me.

“Shut up my little slut! Just look at how excited you are!” As she tightly grasps my stiff cock.

She was right, despite my fear, my penis was erect. How could it not be with this beautiful, sexy woman in the hottest outfit I have ever seen?

“From now on you will refer to me as Mistress, and only Mistress! Do you understand?”

A second of hesitation causes her to smack me hard across the face again, and proceeds to wrap her hand around my throat and asks again, “Do you understand, my little slut?”

I quickly respond “Yes” despite being choked. Mistress let’s off my throat for a second, and as I am gasping for air, she pulls out a knife and presses the cold steel to my testicles then runs the blade up and down my erect penis, chokes me again and says: “Clearly you do not understand, my little slut! You are to refer to me a Mistress and only Mistress! Do you understand?”

Now I understand an respond “Yes Mistress”. She removes the knife from my genitals and stops choking me.

Mistress leans over me and runs her knee gently between my spread legs until she reaches my testicles and applies light pressure. I find myself enjoying this light teasing. Mistress leans right up to my ear and whispers sexily “Now, my little slut, if you do exactly as I say you will be rewarded,” than her voice turns harsh “but if you disobey or question me, it will result in punishment!” As the word “punishment” leaves the Mistress’ lips she applies hard pressure with her knee directly into my genitals which makes me see stars, until she bites on my ear and it brings me back to reality.

I reply “I will do anything you wish, Mistress.”

She replies “I know you will, you don’t have a choice.”


At this point Mistress says that I must prove that I can properly serve her, so she straddles my face and slowly lowers her pussy down onto my waiting mouth. Mistress instructs me to stick my tongue out and I oblige. She starts to rub her wet pussy over my face, taking my tongue in and out she rides my face, pulling my head closer to her as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. Right as it is getting difficult to breathe, Mistress shudders to an orgasm and her juices flow down my face. I enjoy the taste of the Mistress, but try not to make it obvious, so she might allow me to pleasure her again.

My Mistress looks down at my face and says “This was your first time, so I will only lightly punish you, but next time, don’t you dare let any of my pussy juice go to waste!”

I am a little shocked by this response, but deep down am excited about 2 things: first, she is going to facefuck me again; and two, it’s not over!


“Time for your punishment!” Says the Mistress. She starts to pull a string that causes my legs, still attached to the spreader bar, to raise up towards the headboard. It has become very clear to me that my genitals and my ass are completely exposed for the Mistress.

Mistress starts to look through her closet, I cannot see what she is grabbing, but anxiously await what she is going to do to me.

I hear her get closer to me, but can still not see what is about to happen. All of a sudden I feel the softest of touches on my back thigh, slowly moving closer to my ass, then circling around my cock. My Mistress’ soft touch sends shock-waves of pleasure through my body, causing me to get hard, and getting lost in the pleasure she is providing.

Right as my erection reaches its peak, I feel the hard smack of a paddle that lands right on the edge of my testicles, but mainly on my ass. The shock and pain, immediately on my ass then slowly creeping into my testicles, brings me right back to reality.

“Ouch” I cry! This cry results in two hard smacks straight on my ass.

“Bad little slut! You will never complain again, and you must always call me Mistress!” Two more strong hard smacks strike right on my now red ass.

“This was going to be an easy night for you, but now, I plan to show you how disobedience will be treated.”

I receive one more good smack with the paddle, then I hear my Mistress go back to the closet and dig around.


Mistress returns and places what I think is a gag in my mouth, then I realize that it is an open mouth gag with nipple clamps attached. After putting the gag in mouth, Mistress starts to pinch and pull on my nipples until she is satisfied that I am ready for the clamps.

It’s at this point that I start to wonder why Mistress has my mouth open? As if she can read my thoughts she says “You are probably wondering why your mouth is being held open?”

When I do not answer immediately, she pulls ever so lightly on the nipple clamps, which creates a pleasurably painful sensation I have never felt before.

“Do not test me my little slut! Do you want to know why your mouth is being held open?”

Mumbling through the gag, I respond “Yes Mistress”.

With a devilish smile, Mistress grabs my face and turns it to my right to look at her, which sends pain through my left nipple. Once the pain subsides I see it. Mistress is wearing a strapon. The surprise on my face makes the Mistress laugh and say “Now you will really be facefucked.” Despite the surprise, the absolutely beautiful sexy woman standing before me with a strapon is making me hard again.

Mistress positions herself behind my head, in a way that the strapon is resting on my forehead.

It’s at this point that I notice Mistress looking down at me with those hypnotizing green eyes, and we make eye contact. Any apprehension that had developed leaves, as I look into her eyes and I can tell that my Mistress cares for me and would not let anything bad happen to me. This makes me want to please her in any way possible.

Mistress positions my head so that the strapon is touching my lips, then she slides it slowly through the open mouth gag. The position of my head is gently pulling the nipple clamps, causing slight pain. Mistress starts with just the tip of the strapon, then without warning grabs me behind my head and under the chin and pushes the strapon as far down my throat as she can. This causes me to gag and tears to form in my eyes. Mistress pulls out of my mouth, “You can take more than that!” Then rams the strapon down my throat again. “There you go, my little slut!”

After pulling the strapon out of my mouth, Mistress says “Now for the real fun”

Mistress goes to the other end of the bed, with my legs in the air, I cannot see exactly what the Mistress is doing. All of a sudden I feel some liquid around my anus, then a finger starts to spread the liquid around the opening of my ass. I start to squirm, as much as I can and mumble “Mistress No!”

The Mistress stops and takes the gag out of my mouth, and asks “What do you want Slut?”

“Mistress, I have a virgin ass, please no!”

“You have one choice right now, either I take your virgin ass or I gag you and take your virgin ass?”

“Ok Mistress, but please be gentle. No gag is necessary Mistress.”

“Good little slut!”

Mistress returns to her position behind me, and proceeds to insert one finger into my ass. She slowly pulls the finger out, and inserts it back inside me. As she enters me for the second time, my cock starts to come to life.

“See, my slut, you like this!” Mistress grabs my hard cock with her free hand and slowly strokes it up and down, as she inserts 2 fingers inside me. She continues to explore my ass with her fingers, now up to three fingers, as she strokes my cock. I start to moan as the initial pain of fingers entering me and the stroking of my cock brings me close to orgasm, when out of nowhere Mistress stops stroking my cock and fingering me. She quickly grabs and twists my testicles, causing pain to which an orgasm seems almost impossible.

“Not so fast.” She says.

Mistress moves in close to my ear, and in a voice that gives me the best kind of chills, she whispers “You have been a good little slut, so I am going to give you the most intense orgasm of your life!”

“Thank You Mistress! I will be forever grateful to you!”


Mistress returns to her position behind me. Generously, she applies more lube, for which I thank the Mistress. This time Mistress goes straight for two fingers and pushes all the way inside me, and grasps my cock, slowly stroking up and down.

“Please Mistress, let me cum, Please!”

Mistress quickly inserts a third finger inside me and strokes my cock harder and faster. I start to moan from the pleasure and inform the Mistress that I am about to cum.

Right as I start to shoot my cum, Mistress pushes the strapon directly inside me, all the way to her sexy hips. I groan in ecstasy as Mistress begins to thrust the strapon in and out continuously, all while continuing to feverishly working her hand up and down my, now incredibly sensitive cock. The mix of pain and pleasure is starting to disorient me, however, I hear my Mistress instruct me that this will not stop until I cum for her again.

At this point, I am uncertain as to which act will make me cum quicker, the powerful thrusts of the strapon being wielded by the sexy Mistress or the handjob. Either way it does not take long for me to be brought to the brink of another orgasm. I groan and tell the Mistress that I am right on the edge coming again, which causes her to stroke faster and thrust harder and harder until I shoot any remaining cum out of me.

After both the Mistress and myself regain ourselves, Mistress let’s me out of the shackles. Immediately, I pull her close to me and kiss her more passionately than I have ever kissed a woman. We collapse in bed together, me holding her in my arms as she rests her head on my chest. I whisper into her ear:

“When can I serve you again Mistress?”

Another Type Of Teacher Part 1.

He sat there waiting in the chic sitting room.  It was a comfortable temperature but with a cool, crisp breeze coming trough half-opened windows, the sheer, flowing curtains swaying with every fresh gust.  The hardwood floors shined and  there was a slight smell of wood polish all around, not the typical lemony kind but a sweet almond scent. He liked that smell, made him think of when he used to hide in the hallway linen closet and touch himself. So scared of getting caught, but even more scared of soiling the linens. The tables, chairs and shelves in the room gleamed as the floor did and the brass knobs and trinkets here and there that he noticed shone smartly.  These must be antiques, he thought, surely nothing is made of brass anymore.  He suddenly heard a quick light step from the other room..again reminices from the days in the closet. Everytime he’d start to get in that peaceful, safe place in his mind and start to relax and really enjoy his self-gratification and exploration he would hear a scurrying of small, light feet down the hallway, most likely his mother or Aunt,  heels on hard-wood… how he loved that sound. He was anxious yet excited, waiting for the Mistress, the Governess that would teach him how to serve properly, instruct him how to be a proper gentleman, guide him into subspace and of course, when needed, discipline him accordingly.  The sounds of the heels on wood came closer and closer, his heart started pounding more rapidly..closer and closer still and faster was his heart untill finally She walked in..A Vision of loveliness and Femininity yet Sensuality and Pure Power..A Queen, A Goddess..and this is who would be guiding him to be the best he could be.  She sauntered in, he watched her hips sway in her tight , just below the knee pencil skirt. Gaia-like hips, teach me Earth Mother..She wore nude pantyhose and black 4 inch stilettos. He moved up and down her exquisite curvy form to her slim waist, a sheer, champagn colored blouse, low cut enough to show the tops and cleavage of the perfect size breasts, perky for her mid-30s, between a B and C, still supple..Gaia breasts..mmm, bid me suck, Goddess…her swan-like neck so delicate and then to her face, ooooh..he was almost blinded by her Beauty! Deep dark pools of Mystery looked right through his soul, a long, thin nose and just the right rosy lips, pouty enough to want to kiss for eternity but well-defined. This is the Muse that painters would paint and poets would pine for.   He could feel her gaze burning him and lowered his eyes, his hands started to tremble slightly as she drew nearer and sat close to him on the small sofa on which he was sitting.  Her smell was intoxicating. Her dark, curly tresses fell down her back and to the side like she had recently flipped it.  She took hold of his chin gently and said “Look at me, boy, let me see you.” He timidly looked at her, trying hard to keep her sultry gaze he answers, “Y-Yes Mistress..”  “Today we may speak freely, simply, you may call me Theodosia today.” She smiled warmly, such white, sparkly teeth and so straight. He smiled back at her meekly.  For all his nervousness he was having a wonderful time sitting next to his Goddess.  “Now, let us get to know each other a little better, my dear, I know we have discussed some things online but I want to know more, more about the inside you, the kinky you..what do you like, what gets you to that place of Euphoria and Completion, your Fetish..what is your True Kinky Self..”   After a couple of minutes of awkwardly shifting on the sofa and rubbing the side of his face he starts to tell her a bit of what made him what he is and what brought him Her.  “I’ve just always loved a woman in power Mis..Theodosia. My Mother and Aunts were very loving but they could also very strict as well. So much so that I was not even allowed to date untill almost well out of  high school. I have always had  a very curious and kinky view towards sexuality, I was always aroused thinking of serving a strong woman, touching her heels, her feet, feet that carried such a strong creature. I would sneak inside the linen closet in the hallway, locking myself in, imagining worshipping and serving a beautiful, proud woman like..such as yourself Ms. Theodosia. ”  After his story he was blushing furiously but felt somewhat relieved that he finally got to tell someone about his needs and desires, someone who did not judge him.  He lowered his eyes again as she looked him over, studying him hard.  She leaned back a bit, putting one arm  across the top of the sofa, crossing her magnificent legs and said “Oh, I think we have a lovely start to our Journey my Darling, quite lovely indeed and I cannot wait to see how you can serve. Of course, we will start out slow, see what you can handle and what works well but I will tell you this now, I am a caring, compassionate Domme but I am also very strict as well. Once we get you to where you should know what’s what, once you get to that point and you slip up I will not take it easy on you, you will be disciplined, harshly if need be.”   You looked at him for awhile, narrowing her eyes enough for her to get her point across.  His blood rushed a bit quicker through his veins and a slight bulge sprung up in his pants.  “Is this understood, my dear?”  He looked at her with a bit more confidence and said “Yes, Theodosia, yes definitely.”  “Goood..” she smirked a bit, pleased with herself.  God she was so sexy, he couldn’t wait to serve this Temptress.  She got up and walked over to her desk, the clippity- clop, oh how it drove him mad..he felt a hot flush to his face. She stopped,  picked something up and turned around to face him. It was a riding crop..”Ever feel one of these across your ass, my dear?”


Let me count to ten and you can cum – can you do that for me ?

Yes? Are you sure? Ok…


1 … Am I finally going to let you cum?

2 … Mhh …

3 … So horny, aren’t you ?

4 … Soon, hold the edge.

5 … Halfway there

6 … Almost time to cum

7 … So close

8 … Ah, I’ve changed my mind … I’d rather lock you up now.

Come on, this has turned me on so much, I need you to eat me out now


Spirituality, Sexuality and BDSM.

Some individuals within the BDSM and fetish lifestyle are more comfortable with others knowing about their “taboos”. Unfortunately, even with advances with people being more open-minded as well as the growing number of people joining the fetish community there are still many that keep it in the closet, away from friends, family and even spouses.   Not all activities are as hardcore as others, such as light bondage compared to rope and rigging. What a good majority of vanillas do not realize is that the things that we do are not just for fun but an actual way of life. It brings us joy, completion and excitement, a living embodiment of Art and Passion.   How many of you can truly call it a Spiritual experience?  Non-fetishists and the like as well as partakers also fail to see and feel the Spiritual side of fetish and BDSM.  I cannot speak for everyone of course, but for me it does all of that and then some, brings me to new levels of consciousness, almost like meditation, a ying and yang comes to mind when I’m interacting with my submissives.  It’s balance, shadow and light, pain and pleasure, and of course Dominance and servitude.                                                                Goddesses of old required gifts and deep Devotion, oftentimes the followers kissing their gilded feet, laying bountiful flowers and things of beauty and significance, serving their Goddess was an Honor of the highest degree. In return they not only felt and relished that Honor but were rewarded as well. To be a servant of the Goddess was truly respected.                                                                                                                        Many of today’s Mistresses are very much like those Goddesses. The submissives and devotees the followers, happy to serve yes, but also needing deeply to do so, finding completion only in serving.                         For anyone who does not understand our lifestyle I offer this bit of your mind, your soul, even open a book about it. This is not a new thing, from ancient religious practices, right of passage rituals, Priestess Initiation to the Houses of Discipline ran by our Mothers of all Mistresses, the Governesses, which were wrongfully confused with brothels of the day.                                                                            Ascension and Evolution come with being human, we are sexual and sensual creatures. It doesn’t seem natural to not include it within our life’s journey, our soul searching or finding our True Selves.                         Let us try everyday to learn something new about ourselves, think outside the box, find our kinky or kinkier selves..and while we’re at it have some fun doing it.       IMG_8464.JPG                  

A Well Dressed Lady is a More Superior Domme.

Hello darlings, my apoligies for being away a couple weeks but I have had new projects, clients and the like to attend to along with life’s normal distractions.  Rest assured I’ve got some lovely surprises in store for you but tonight I will share with you a bit of my mind, a Journaling.  Topic: Fashionable Divas and Sophisticated Dommes. It is my opinion that being well dressed and classy not only adds to your respectability but also your confidence as a Mistress or Domme. If you do not take yourself seriously do you really think anybody else is going to?  Probably not. Besides, let’s leave the hoochie outfits and such for the sugarbabies, haha. I enjoy dressing sexy as much as the next sultry Goddess and I’ve even been known to take it all off or at the least don some lingerie or fetish-wear during photoshoots, but during meet and greets, hosting get-togethers and of course sessions I’m not all hanging it out there. Meetings are classy but sexy, sessions I like to wear my leather and latex but you don’t get to see the whole enchilada boys, oh no, that’s just it, you keep them wanting, torture them ladies, quite literally.  Well, I’m sure you get the idea. Now, I haven’t teased everyone with my lady wood material in a bit, so how about some?        



Just a few pretty things I’ve come across that I felt like sharing but honestly the choices are endless and so are my ideas, I can design my own looks all day..and probably shop all day too! It’s all Art to me, from my hair, make-up, nails to my outfit jewelry and accessories down to my feet. It’s all got to come together, Im an Artist, Dominating comes in all forms.  So, if your’e interested to see more of what I like check out my Goodies List on Amazon and don’t be shy, my darlings, you can be disceet 😉  Goddesses do like to be shown devotion in all kinds of ways.  Also, I’ll be showing more of my own looks and creations, my Fashion Fetish Art, I Dominate that well I’d say, so be looking out for more of that..yay…Have a Beautiful night everyone, early morning, whenever and feel free to check out my List if you wish, talk to you soon, Thanx for reading darlings, sissies and sluts, Mistress does Appreciate it..*)0(*                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The Professor.

I awoke, presumably at some point in the morning, shrouded in darkness. As the usual post-sleep confusion faded, my situation became clearer. Despite my disappointing performance last week, madame decided to keep me on as one of her toys, at least for now. She had summoned me to her home for the weekend, during which I was to give myself completely to her and her whims. I had arrived late last night after work. After entering the door, madame shut it behind me and demanded I remove my clothing. She took it, hid it somewhere, and brought me to what she liked to call her “punishment closet”.
 “Your performance last week was relatively poor, thing”, she stated matter-of-factly. “While I have decided to keep you for now, you’re going to have to start from the bottom and earn your place. Until tomorrow morning you’ll remain in the closet and reflect upon what that means.”
 She then shut me in the closet, turned off the lights and locked the door. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I spotted a dog’s bowl with some water. While drinking from the bowl was embarrassing, I had little choice. I could tell right away that this was going to be a long weekend.
 Back in the present, I did my best to re-orient myself mentally and prepare for a day of the best service I could muster. Shortly afterwards, the door opened, and the man from the previous week stepped in. Unlike me, he was actually dressed. This made me feel incredibly awkward, but clearly he had earned the right to wear clothes in madame’s home.
 “Madame has stepped out for now to enjoy a breakfast with her friends. She has left you a list of tasks that you must complete”, he barked. “I am also to report any issues or poor performance to madame immediately upon her arrival home. I look forward to whatever punishments she decides are appropriate.”
 I quickly got to my feet, and said “yes, sir”, and went to get the list.
 The chores were rather un-glamorous. I spent the morning folding laundry, cleaning the dishes, sweeping the kitchen, and more. All the while the man, clearly another of madame’s toys, watched carefully. I couldn’t help but be extremely embarrassed the entire time, being entirely nude in front of this near-stranger. To make matters worse, whenever I looked at him I was reminded of that incredibly potent forced encounter I had with him a week prior. The taste of his ass and cock would often briefly return in my mouth, reminding me just who I was to him and madame.
 The man appeared to be taking notes, but I tried to avoid paying too much attention to him, and instead focused on my tasks. I was very anxious to prove myself to madame, and hopefully not be dismissed from her service after this weekend. Being able to serve her meant the world to me, and I intended to show it.
 A few hours later, my wish was granted, and madame returned home. Myself and the man immediately prostrated ourselves before her. He began to kiss her right foot. Assuming that this was protocol, I began to kiss her left. She grabbed my face and threw me back.
 “Did I give you permission to do that, you disgusting thing? Slaveboy over here has earned the right to do this. You, thing, have not. You are beneath him in every way, and you need to learn your place.”
 I grimaced, and returned to my position prostrating at madame’s feet. I wished to apologize, but I knew the penalty for speaking out of turn.
 “Slaveboy, how did that thing over there perform on its chores?” She inquired.
 “It did very poorly, madame. The clothes were not folded how you liked them, the dishes were done adequately at best, and the floor is hardly cleaned to your standards”, he replied confidently, with a hint of smugness.
 “I see. It’s going to be a long weekend for that one, I suspect.” Madame replied. “Slaveboy, go and fetch the special outfit for the thing to wear”.
 The one madame called “slaveboy” left the room. I could sense madame was disappointed, but did not dare look up at her. I quaked a bit, worrying about what was to come.
 Slaveboy returned with an outfit in tow. He grabbed me and pulled me to my feet.
 “Dress.” He barked, as he handed me an outfit I had not seen before.
 I took it, and examined it more closely. It, for all intents and purposes, was a japanese schoolgirl’s uniform. I turned bright red and looked towards madame. She immediately slapped me.
 “Do not make eye contact without permission!” she demanded.
 I had to fight back the tears while I put the outfit on. Unlike the maid’s outfit before, this one fit much more tightly, the skirt was short, and it had no underwear at all. My inadequate cock hung slightly below the dress-line.
 “Take care of that useless appendage, slaveboy”, Madame said.
 Slaveboy reached onto the counter behind him and grabbed some tape. He then roughly grabbed my cock, pulled it back between my legs, and taped it there.
 “Much better,” Madame spoke, “that thing has no use, at least for now. Best to keep the thing reminded of its role around here”.
 I flushed crimson and started to sweat a bit, but remained silent, lest I incur madame’s wrath once again.
 “Now, collar and leash the thing”, Madame commanded.
 Slaveboy grabbed me by the neck and placed the same collar and leash on me from before. The memories of my humiliation flooded back into my mind once again, and my now-useless cock twitched underneath the tape. I calmed myself and tried to remain focused. Slaveboy pushed me back onto my hands and knees, and handed the leash to madame. She then walked me through the hallway into a new room I hadn’t seen before.
 The room was somewhat dimly lit, but mostly resembled a living room. Some of the furniture appeared to have hooks and other extensions designed to fit various bondage implements, but it otherwise seemed mostly innocent. Madame tied my leash to one such hook next to a fancy looking chair, and sat down in it.
 “Today, thing, you’re going to learn protocol and how to properly respect your owner”, Madame stated. “I have many rules,” she continued, “Some of which you’ll learn in time. For now, you would do well to remember the following. I am your owner. You respect me at all times, and you live to serve me. You obey my commands without question, or you will be dismissed from service. Slaveboy here is also your superior. If his commands do not contradict mine, you obey them as well. Understood?”
 I nodded in agreement. This was met immediately with a slap across the face.
 “When I ask something of you, you respond with “Yes, Madame.” Is this understood?”
 “Yes, madame”, I croaked out, tears streaming down my cheeks.
 “Good”, she said, matter-of-factly. “Additionally, I do not like anything in my home to be soiled by male cum. As the lowest member of this household, you must clean up any immediately using your mouth. Additionally, you will be responsible for any chores, tasks, and anything else requested of you. Your body, and its holes, now exist solely for my enjoyment. That thing you call a penis is no longer relevant here, and it will remain taped up or in chastity until I say otherwise”.
 I gulped, but nodded and said “Yes, Madame”.
 “Now,” she spoke, “We will address your failure to complete chores to my satisfaction. Tomorrow slaveboy will give you the full rundown of everything that needs to be done, as you are clearly too dense to even figure out basic tasks for yourself. Today though, you will atone for your errors.” She continued. “Slaveboy, let’s start with one of my favorite basic scenes.”
 He nodded, and began to unbuckle his belt.
 Madame leaned forward in her chair, grabbed me, and put me on my knees. “Today, you are a slutty schoolgirl until I say otherwise, thing.” She said, a menacing tone in her voice. “Much like you’ve misbehaved in my house, you have misbehaved at school, and your professor aims to punish you.”
 Before I had the time to process this, slaveboy, now playing the role of the professor, has grabbed me and thrown me over his knees.
 “Beg for forgiveness”, he stated.
 “Please, sir, i…”, Before I could finish, the sting of the belt hitting my exposed backside wracked my senses.
 Tears began once again to stream down my cheeks, and I tried to beg for forgiveness. I could hardly choke anything out. The hits continued, one after another. Sometimes he would stop briefly, and I’d think the ordeal was over, only for him to start again. I would not be sitting comfortably for quite some time.
 Finally, the “professor” stopped.
 “It’s time for you to show me just how sorry you are, slut”, he said gruffly.
 He then dropped me on the ground, stood up, and removed his pants. Meanwhile, madame clasped my hands behind my back and dragged me to my knees.
 “Last week you performed very poorly at this next test, slut. Today we’re going to train you how to suck cock properly, and like it. Now, thank me for the opportunity to suck this man’s cock.” she spoke.
 “But…But…Madame. I am straight, I really don’t like cocks”, I blurted out. I realized now what a horrible mistake that had been, even if I believed it to be true.
 Madame grabbed me by my hair and shoved me into the professor’s throbbing cock. As my face rubbed against it, I could feel his heartbeat as the blood flowed through it. He was clearly enjoying this quite a bit.
 “Slap this slut with your cock”, Madame ordered.
 The professor grinned, and obliged, slapping me across the face repeatedly. While this was not particularly painful, it was horribly emasculating. Here I was, essentially cockless in a schoolgirl’s uniform being slapped by another man’s cock, and there was nothing I could do.
 Madame once again pushed my face into the cock.
 “See that cock, slut? You wish you had one, and unless you learn to love it, you’ll never get to use yours again.” She spat. “I want you to worship this cock, beg for it, and show it all the affection you can muster. Now.”
 I looked at the cock now pressed against my face. I took in the dirty gym sock smell of the professor’s cock and balls, and my eyes teared up a bit. I closed them, and began to lick, reluctantly. I wanted to get up and run, to be anywhere else. But, I also wanted to serve madame. I’d have to do this, I have no choice in the matter. Her will is absolute.
 I started to lick more aggressively. The taste was almost unbearable, but I could do this. For madame, I’d do this. Seeing that I was finally acquiescing, madame opened my mouth and pushed the cock in. I gagged immediately. She slapped me in response.
 “You do not disrespect the cock I am giving you, slut. Now, I want you to worship this cock, because your continued service here depends on it.”
 I tried my best, despite all of my reservations. I gagged, choked, and barely tolerated the taste and smell.
 “What a good slut”, Madame spoke in a praising tone. “Perhaps you’ll become an adequate cock-sucker yet! Now, my dear slaveboy professor, don’t cum yet. We have a lot of work for this slut to do first.”
 The professor grinned, and pulled his cock out of my now aching mouth. He quickly replaced it with his balls, which somehow managed to smell even sweatier. I coughed, but continued to worship.
 While I continued to worship the professor’s balls, Madame spoke.
 “Perhaps we need to make things a bit tougher on this slut. Slaveboy professor, I want you to keep having her practice worshipping your cock. I’m going to go on a quick 15 minute run.”
 The professor nodded, and turned back down to me. “Let’s see just how well you can suppress your gag reflex, you little slut”.
 He grabbed me by the neck, and shoved his cock down my throat. I struggled not to gag, but failed miserably. While I struggled to catch my breath, he slapped me, then forced his cock back down my throat. This continued for the next 15 minutes or so.
 By the time madame returned, my face was a mess of saliva, tears, and what I can only assume was sweat from the professor. He grinned at madame. I now noticed she had not changed or showered after her run. I had no idea what to make of this, but I did not comment.
 “Now, professor. I think this slutty schoolgirl really wants your forgiveness, and I think there’s only one way she can do that. You’re going to need to fuck her.”
 He grinned once again, more so than ever before. I got the distinct impression he enjoyed not being the bottom toy for madame now that I was here.
 Before I had time to process what was going on, I was thrust over the couch madame sat in before, my ass no longer covered by my skirt, pointing vulnerable in the air. With my hands still bound behind my back, I had no way of stopping this.
 “Now now, professor” Madame spoke, “We don’t want to permanently harm our little plaything. Prep it first”.
 He grunted, a hint of disappointment masked in obedience. Suddenly, my exposed ass was warm and wet. He was licking it! In spite of myself, I moaned in pleasure. I may not like having sex with other men, but this still felt amazing. He tongued my asshole, and spun his tongue around the area. Suddenly, madame grabbed my face firmly and spit on it.
 “You do not get to enjoy this slut, it is only for your own safety. Be quiet and prepare yourself to continue to serve me”.
 I nodded meekly, her spit dripping down my face.
 Suddenly, the pleasure stopped and was quickly replaced by a sharp pain. The professor was entering my ass, and quite forcefully. He is considerably more well-endowed than I am, and my tight asshole is not accustomed to this at all. Feeling more pain than pleasure, I held back a yelp. The professor repeatedly pulled himself all the way out, and re-inserted, just to make sure I fully experienced the pain over and over. I was nearly blinded with pain and confusion at this point, and was about to give in and finally yell during a particularly potent thrust, when suddenly I was unable to.
 While I was focused on what was going on behind me, madame had removed her running outfit and placed her ass firmly on my face. It was clear to me now why she had not showered, this was yet another punishment. The smell of sweat was powerful, nearly overwhelming, but also somehow intoxicating.
 “We’re going to play a little game, slut.” She spoke, playfully, “You’re going to make me cum before slaveboy professor over there does. Fail, and well, don’t fail.”
 Shame, fear, anxiety, and humiliation all fought for control of my mind. I could barely believe what was happening here. My face was buried in a sweaty ass. I was dressed like a japanese schoolgirl. I spent the last hour begging for cock and worshipping it. Now, that cock was absolutely destroying my ass while my skirt bounced up and down. What had I become? Is this all worth it? Of course it’s worth it, I have to serve madame. This clicked with me stronger than ever before. I was her slut. I was her thing, her toy. She got to choose what to do with me, and I had to trust she knew what was best. With that, I threw aside my reservations and began to worship her ass.
 My tongue swirled between her smooth, sweaty cheeks. The taste filled my mouth, and while it should have been gross, it was wonderful. I stuck my tongue in and out of her asshole. I savored the tastes and smells, and did my best to please her. I could do this, and I could make madame proud of me. I could…Suddenly, a wave panic flowed through my body. My ass was growing warmer and warmer. I could feel the cum of the professor filling my tight hole, and I could hear his grunts of pleasure and satisfaction. I had failed.
 Madame removed her wondrous ass from my face. It was devastating, and she was clearly disappointed.
 “Oh, toy.” She spoke, an awful frightening tone in her voice, “You did not do what I had asked. You must now be punished.” I gulped, cum dripping out of my ass.
 “To begin with, remember one of my cardinal rules? All male cum must be cleaned immediately. Start with professor slaveboy.”
 I meekly shuffled over to his semi-erect cock. It stunk of my ass and cum. I couldn’t bear to do this.
 “Madame,” the professor spoke, “This student appears unwilling to perform her task. Should I help her?”
 Madame nodded. He grabbed me forcefully by the face and shoved my mouth onto his cock. It was disgusting. I, slowly, fighting my gag reflex, slurped up everything from his cock.
 “Now, the floor”, Madame stated.
 I tried to lower myself gracefully to the floor, but without the use of my arms I fell. If it were possible to be more humiliated, I would have been at this point. I inched over to the pool on the floor like a worm and lapped it up.
 “Now,” Madame spoke, “For the remainder of your punishment. Your cock will remain bound for the rest of this weekend. You will remain in this schoolgirl uniform to remind you of your shame.”
 I nodded, perhaps this punishment wasn’t so bad! Lastly, the professor and I will be reversing our roles in the previous scene. This will continue until you make him cum, simply by licking his ass.
 “But Madame, can I really make him cum that way?”
 “You’d better”, she spoke as the professor spread his ass and brought it to my drenched face. “Or it’s going to be a long night for you.”